Now accepting international cars

TeamC4 is opening its doors to the world. Decided to not just allow US cars to join, but now, we are open to the world. So if you have a custom ride, compete in shows, and want to join, you can now fill out the application. 

Rules still apply. I will have a new rule set to cover our international side. Maybe even have a new design on the team logo, or an add on to the existing one. I'm not sure yet. We'll see how it goes. 


Members section getting upgrade! Personalized Web Apps

Well you know the drill, we always keep up with tech around here. Members of TeamC4 will get there web apps created. with personalized URLs, and HTML5. Give it a web app feel without going to app stores, etc. 

So expect a full launch on this by early 2017. But we are in the early stages now, with some members now having their pages created and online. 

All members will have their own sponsors on their page, as well as full mod sheets, and high res images.