TeamC4 Rules & Guidelines

  1. There are no membership dues to be part of TeamC4. But ALL members are required to purchase their team logo to be placed on the car front windshield, a team shirt and/or hoodie. We always keep everyone organized and professional looking at the events we go. 
  2. All Prospects are required to do 3 car shows in the season to maintain an active status within the team. failure to not do 3 shows will result in your membership terminated. Unless a valid reason is given. 
  3. We do not street race. nor do we approve of it. Any member caught in any illegal activity that results in giving the team a bad name will have their membership terminated. No questions asked. We work hard to keep this team name clean, our members show it with pride and we all do what we have to do to keep it like that.
  4. We do not accept stock cars. They have to be modified of some kind. As much as we would love to have everyone join, we can not. We have to keep the theme of the team strong, so before you join, please have at least 6 modifications done to your vehicle. Stock cars and applications with no mods will be deleted.