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TeamC4 (Custom Creations Car Club) was created in June 19, 2000 by Frank "Sonic" Castaneda. This club has grown to over 100 members and represents some of the hottest and most original cars in the East Coast, and as of early 2018 global. The club was created to give people with the passion about modifying their cars an opportunity to be part of a family, compete on the show car circuit. TeamC4 vehicles have been featured in most tuner magazines, import car music videos, and in addition have even appeared in several movie spots with Paramount Pictures, and also music videos with top artists. Not to mention the honor of having our club name be part of NASA's mission to the moon with the Orbiter. TeamC4 as also be able to become the first car club to be accepted outside the tuner world and be known with a top fortune 500 company, Apple. With the introduction of our Web App for the iPhone back in 2007. Now in 2019, we proudly have chapters in several states, and chapters in other countries.